Posted by: Howell | October 11, 2017

City Board approves $25,000 POST tax funding for Trails 2000 in 2018

21:00 T2k discussion

22:40 It started in 2015

Burke: I have no doubt in my mind that Trails 2000 has a tremendous impact on the city.

When people vote for a tax, they have an idea all this money is going for new things that werern’t happening otherwise.

The 25,000 dollars, that’s not a big chunk of change. This could be a slippery slope.

Metz: The ballot question does say that the fund can cover maintenance.

Marbury: It’s really an accounting procedure. It’s not something new and different from what I voted on. We’re talking about an accounting procedure. Our brains were on slow.

Smith: It’s been a long, long road to get to where we are now.

Metz: Before, we used to have a block grant. Trails 2000 certainly could’ve gone to United Way.

We used to have that block grant that was doled out by United Way, but that changed in 2015.

Smith: The city is now, as they have been before in a tight budget spot. Prior to 2015, you and I got sideways a couple times about whether we should do this.

Metz: I think that. They have the software that allows them to report how they spend that

Smith: One of the big motivators for the City coming to board is that the sales tax is flat. The sales tax that effects the fund is effecting us too.


Whiteman: Establish a line item of 25,000 that will be considered every year from the POST grant.

Metz: We could ask Trails 2000 for a report

Burke: I think we should approve the $25,000, because that’s what it was before. I think if you make it too variable, and ask for some justification.

Whiteman: My preference is to see the city staff evaluate the numbers. I think there’s a demonstrated need for them to provide the service.

Metz: In your mind, with this mind, is it the total that is going to come out of….

Whiteman: if they can demonstrate that there project is not explained in the scope, they can ask for further funds.

Smith: If some of the things that the city asks them to do requires them to purchase more materials.

Metz on motion 57:52

Whiteman: I would like to see this on FY 2015 and beyond.

Burke: Let staff evaluate the numbers, but I still think that they should come to us every year.


Through 1:02:07

Burke: I’ve been up in that area a lot. Horse GUlch Road. I think it would be good to address a lot of drainage issues up there. The grade of the road could be raised. 1:14:42, Stabilize channels going across the road. Fill in the ruts and gullies that are going across the road. The disturbed with should be narrowed.

Metz: Trails 2000 indicated that they are more interested in a single track experience instead of repairing the road. That’s more within their expertise. We’re going back to La Plata County, and I suspect that they are not willing or able to do that because of their financial situation.

Metz: we asked where Cap’s Trail comes back to the road, that they take work on the pitch points, the drainage, to make it emergency four wheel drive access up to Sugar Trail. We recommend that they not do a trail that’s close to the road.

Metz: they said they don’t have the equipment or expertise to work on that. They didn’t feel comfortable to do that.

Smith: We asked them to make the road accessible for a four-wheel drive vehicle, which isn’t that hard to do. 1:20:14

Hall: in terms of those erosion gullies, we need someone to take a closer look at the storm water runoff.

Smith: Trails 2000 and the city are both trying to do the same thing, in terms of providing recreational opportunities.

Whiteman: We don’t want to duplicate trails: 1:22:00

Marbury: 1:24:00 We spent $600,000 dollars to fix the road last time it washed out.

Whiteman: I share your disappointment.

Metz: We want to talk to the County of course, because it’s their road.

Burke: They put a lot of brush in gullies, and the sediment

Metz: there was too much going on, in a pretty tight area.

Whiteman: Our reasons for wanting the road fixed, are still there

Smith: This has not been good.

Pride weed control is the new contractor.


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